One-On-One Coaching

Coaching aims to help build someone’s competence to better face his or her life circumstances. We refer specifically to integral coaching because this method of coaching includes everything about the client and the client’s world.

As human beings, it is impossible to compartmentalise every thing that happens to us – our circumstances are framed by our experiences, thoughts and beliefs and things that happen to us generally don’t just affect one area of our lives. My coaching is designed to incorporate your life as a whole and to ensure you are able to function optimally in all areas of your life.

All coaching sessions and the content discussed between us at any point in time is strictly confidential but, before we commence with coaching, I offer a complimentary 20 minute phone session to get aquainted and to establish whether I am the right person to assist you. Thereafter we can establish a coaching schedule that works for you.

Coaching usually involves personalised one-on-one sessions in person, but I also conduct coaching sessions online via FaceTime/WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom etc.

Coaching sessions are one hour in length and, whilst everyone’s progress is different, I recommend at least 3 – 4 coaching sessions to allow a positive, working relationship to sufficiently develop in order for you to gain the optimal benefit. Throughout our working relationship we will track your progress together and ensure we are consistently working towards the key outcomes you wish to achieve.

Divorce With Dignity

No one ever marries with the intention of getting divorced – call me a romantic, but we all want our “happily ever after.” However, with over 40% of all marriages in South Africa ending in divorce, it has become a painful reality for many families. And no matter how amicable or mature your divorce or separation, every divorce comes with consequences, the impact of which is felt differently by every individual.

Having been through the process myself, I have learnt that nothing can prepare you for this life-altering event. But there are certainly ways of dealing with it and methods of coping that can help make the process easier for all parties and that can bring you out on the other side whole and healed and with a clear vision for your new life.

My “Divorce With Dignity” programme is a simple, practical, eight-step programme that can either be conducted via one-on-one coaching or as part of our small group workshops. These popular one-day workshops take place every few months and provide an excellent opportunity to tackle some of the tricky areas of divorce and give you useful tools to navigate your new normal. It’s also a wonderful way to make new connections with others who are in the same boat and build up a like-minded support system.


I have extensive experience in training, facilitation and consulting across a number of different coaching and communications areas.

 This includes strategic consultation and needs analysis, staff development and motivational programs, communications strategy development and implementation, digital and social media, internal and external communications programs, business communication and presentation skills, stakeholder management, crisis and issue management.

I have worked with various institutions and businesses across a number of different sectors and am able to create and deliver tailor-made programs​ or facilitate  the implementation of existing programs.

Kindly contact me with a breakdown of your requirements and I will be happy to prepare a quotation.


Effective communication forms the foundation of any successful relationship, whether personal or professional. If you’re looking for help getting your message across or if you feel like you’re not being heard, you’ve come to the right place for help.

I can assist you with personal and professional tools that will help you to elevate your communication to become more effective and impactful.

Whether you’re looking for simple guidance on interacting with those closest to you or you require personal branding advice, public speaking tips or business communication tools, I can tailor-make a package that suits your needs.

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